Gym Ke Nuksan | जिम करने से हो सकते हैं ये 10 नुकसान

If you look on the Internet, hardly any  gym Ke Nuksan  or Disadvantages have been told. You all must know the benefits of doing gym exercise. But will you believe that doing gym can also have disadvantages. Yes, everything has 2 sides. We should start any work only after considering all the aspects.

This is such a point about which if someone talks about it, then an attempt is made to suppress it. We all have been hearing that there are many benefits of doing gym. If we talk about the ratio of advantages and disadvantages, then it will be 90:10. Because the disadvantages of going to the gym are just in name.

Now you will think, then what are we trying to tell you. So wait, we did not say that there are no disadvantages of gym. We do not want to prove here that if you do gym, then you may have to suffer big losses, so do not go to the gym.

We know that nowadays people are paying more attention to their fitness and they are getting attracted towards gym. This is a good thing, all of you must exercise to stay healthy. But we are trying to tell you that we are Gym Ke Nuksan so that you can be careful and avoid them.

The damage is not done just by going to the gym. The damage is done by going there and doing your own willful actions and exercising too much. There is no instructor in many gyms, so no one tells these things there. That is why we want to draw your attention to these things in advance here.

In this era of fashion, people start going to the gym to show themselves fit and slim. But in order to achieve their goal as quickly as possible, they do too much workout or exercise incorrectly.

They have to suffer the consequences of this in the form of Gym Disadvantages or Side Effects. If precautions are not taken, then what and which gym you may have to face the loss, know here.

Disadvantages of doing gym – Gym Ke Nuksan

(1) Complaint of pain in the muscles – See, it is simple that if you are exercising too much in the gym and overtraining your muscles, then you may have to face this problem.

Many gym going boys complain that they feel pain in their muscles. Muscles have their limits. If you cross it, then the reverse weakening of the muscles and the pain starts.

(2) Staying tired – We join gym to increase our energy. We all want that by exercising, our agility increases and we should always be active. But due to exercising too much, this problem comes that we always start living tired.

The reason for this is that you are overtraining your body and start working out again before it recovers. Meaning we are not only giving our body full time to recover and our body’s nutrition is also getting drained due to over exercising. Which always leads to fatigue.

(3) Getting sick quickly – While going to the gym, if you are falling sick again and again, such as fever or feeling like breaking down, then you should be careful. It means you are doing something wrong in the gym.

These are some of the gym Ke Nuksan that you need to recognize immediately. Don’t just think of the problems while going to the gym as a coincidence, try to know the reason for it. For this, you should consult the doctor and also tell him that you are doing gym. For some reason this is not happening.

(4) Pain in joints – If you try to do any exercise with heavy weights without understanding it, then be careful. This gives you the problem of joint pain. Continuously using the wrong method can give you joint pain even permanently.

(5) Sperm Quality Can Be Deteriorated – Experts believe that if you do a lot of training in the gym, then many types of Gym Side Effects can be faced by you, one of which is the deterioration of the quality of our sperms, They become very weak.

This point is very important for us, it directly affects our fertility. We should talk to our Instructor thoroughly about this and follow the advice given by him.

(6) Effect on sleep – If you are exceeding the excess of Gym Exercise, then its effect will be directly on your sleep. We all know only one thing that doing physical labor or exercise leads to good sleep.

But we ignore the other side of it. Which is that if you exercise more than the limit, then your sleep starts getting disturbed. Overexercising creates an imbalance of hormones in the brain.

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(7) Bones can weaken – It is generally said that exercising makes our bones strong. This is also true, but if you are doing such an exercise incorrectly, due to which the pressure on the bone is increasing too much, then the risk of weakening of the bones also increases.

But this happens only by doing it continuously, not by mistake made for 1 or 2 days. The most important thing in the gym is that you should not do any exercise in the wrong way and with the wrong form.

(8) Vomiting or feeling nervous – Nervousness or vomiting like Gym Ke Nuksan also keeps coming up frequently. This happens more with those people who are engaged in working out even in the scorching heat.

You have to keep in mind that if you exercise more in summer, then later you may have to face problems like restlessness, nervousness or nausea. If possible, you can take a break of 7 to 10 days at that time when it is very hot.

(9) Effect on Height – There is a debate going on that the height of boys who exercise by going to the gym can stop. To some extent this is also true. If you are still young and the height has not been completed, then your height may remain low due to putting more weight in the gym.

Some scientific reasons are told behind this. Although we do not have any proof of this. But caution is necessary.

(10) Stretch in the genitals – The disadvantages of going to the gym can affect any part of our body. We all know that there is a strain in our genitals while applying heavy heavy weights.

But if this happens continuously, the situation can also become permanent. Therefore, always use nappies and Waist Belt etc. at the time of workout. So that you can avoid this trouble.

(11) Back pain  – Generally, the people going to the gym keep complaining of back pain, which later becomes a big disease. The problem of back pain often comes to the fore when doing exercises incorrectly.

When people lift heavy heavy weights, but do not use Belt etc., then they start having Lower Back Pain. If this is not taken care of in the beginning, then the situation can become serious.



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