Increase height with these 10 exercises

In this article, I will tell you some easy Height Badhan Ki Exercises , through which you or any member of your family can easily increase your height. We are going to tell you 10 best Lambai Badhane Ki Exercise which are also easy to do and their result is also very good.

You just do this exercise regularly and leave the worry completely that in how many days the height will increase by doing exercise. In today’s world, short stature is like a curse, which has to be avoided. You all probably know that Human Growth Harmone has a big hand in increasing the height.

If the level of this hormone is low in a person or child, then its height remains less than normal. But some great Height Increasing Exercises are capable of increasing the level of Human Growth Harmone in us.

There are two benefits of exercising to increase height. One, the level of essential hormones increases in us, secondly they help you to increase your height quickly. Because with them your whole body stretches. If there is a stretch in the body regularly, then the height starts increasing.

That is why here we are going to tell you the Top Best Height Badhane Ki Exercise, which will definitely bring a change in you or your child’s height. All you have to do is do these exercises regularly and do it in the right way.

So that they have full effect on your body. If your age is more than 20-22 years, then you may see very little difference, because after this age the production of Human Growth Harmone in the body becomes very less.

You have to understand how to increase height through exercise. Remember, it is very important to grow bones to increase height, so along with exercise, it is very important to give healthy diet to your children.

If you suspect any child in your family, that its height is not increasing according to age. So you take action immediately and start getting the child to do height-enhancing exercise or  yoga .

If you pay attention in time, then the child will be able to achieve a good height with the help of these tips and exercises. So let’s know which exercises should be done to increase your height.

Height Kaise Badhaye with Exercise – Height Badhane Ki Exercise

(1) Hanging – First of all let’s start with the easiest exercise. Yes, Hanging means hanging from something. For this you can use anything like a tree, pole or anything else. You have to hang on an empty stomach every morning by opening your hands equal to the shoulders.

Do this exercise regularly for 10 minutes. Due to this, your whole body stretches and if you are a child then your bones also start growing, due to which the speed of increasing the height increases.

Initially, you will be able to hang for a short time, but do not panic, gradually increase your time. This is a normal exercise in appearance, but very effective Lambai Badhan Ki Exercise. If you are less than 15 years of age, then you can get a lot of benefit from this exercise.

(2) Rope Skipping – It means jumping rope. You must have seen many children jumping rope. This is also a very effective exercise to increase your height. Whose main function is to increase blood circulation in the body. Doing this exercise strengthens your heart.

Increase height with these 10 exercises

Apart from this, it  works to remove excess fat from your body. We all know that if the excess fat on the body is reduced, then the chances of increasing the height will be higher. Second, due to the increase in blood circulation, the supply of nutrients in the body of children keeps on increasing rapidly, which is useful in increasing the height.

(3) Side Stretching – This is quite a simple Height Badhane Ki Exercise. In this, you have to stand upright and join both your hands up. Now you have to bend your waist on both sides in turn. Lean once in the left (bend as much as you can) and then bend in the right side.

Increase height with these 10 exercises

Do all this slowly, do not make any haste. Bend on both sides at least 10-10 times daily. Many times the fat stored in the back side of us or children creates obstacles in increasing their height. This exercise targets both the back sides and is helpful in reducing the fat there. This gives great stretching of the back.

(4) Walking On Toes – One way to increase the height with exercise is that you walk by putting the weight of the whole body on your toes. This can prove to be a great exercise for you. Yes, it stimulates the Pituitary Gland and the Human Growth Harmone starts to form.

So if you do any other exercise after doing this exercise, then its effect will be very high. Because at that time the level of HGH in your body will be high, which helps you to increase your height as quickly as possible.

Increase height with these 10 exercises

To do this exercise, all you have to do is stand straight, join both the hands up and raise your heels. Now slowly try to walk with the help of your paws. Do this exercise regularly and do it first.

(5) Spot Exercise – In this exercise, you have to sit down keeping your knees close. You lay a mat to sit on. Now slowly bend forward and keep your head down. Put both your hands on the ground by keeping both your hands straight in the front. Now you have to remain like this for some time.

After a while come back to the normal state and repeat again after some time. Do this exercise 3 to 5 times every morning. It has a very good effect on your spine and also on the stomach. This exercise will help you very well in increasing your height  . You can see this exercise in the picture.

(6) Dry Land Swim – You must have heard that swimming is very good for height. Due to this, blood circulation also increases and the whole body also gets stretched. So how about if you have to swim on dry land without water?

Yes, the name of this exercise is Dry Land Swim and it comes only in Best Height Increasing Exercises. As you can see in the picture, you have to lie on your stomach on the ground. Now keeping the left hand on the ground, raise your head upwards and straighten the right hand in front of you.

Increase height with these 10 exercises

Staying in this position, now you have to lift your left leg upright while keeping it straight. Stay in this position for a while, then repeat the same exercise with the other hand and foot.

(7) Pilates Roll Over – This is a very easy exercise to increase your height. In this, first of all you have to lie completely straight on the ground. Keep your feet very close and both the hands should be straight towards the hips, sticking to the body.

Now you have to raise both your legs simultaneously while keeping your hands straight on the ground. At exactly 90 degrees, now try to move your legs even more backwards from here.

Increase height with these 10 exercises

This will stretch both your spine and neck very well. Which will help in increasing the length. Do this exercise 4-5 times daily. Keep in mind that you have to do the exercise in the right way.

(8) Super Cobra Strech – As you can see in the picture, this is a very popular Height Badhane Ki Exercise. In this, you have to lie straight on your stomach first. After that, as shown in the picture, you have to do stretching by vaccinating your hands down to the top of your mouth.

Initially you may have some problem, but gradually you will learn to do it in a better way. You have to stay in Super Cobra Pose for at least 10 to 20 seconds. In this way, repeat it again for 1 minute.

(9) Forward Bend – Means bending forward, this is an exercise to increase the height from a very old time,  which is also very effective. In this, you first have to stand straight keeping your feet close.

Increase height with these 10 exercises

After that, straighten both your hands up and try to keep the hands on the ground while turning slowly. Keep in mind that while doing this, your knees should not bend at all. Initially, many people could not keep their hands on the ground. But by practicing it daily, you will be able to do it easily.

(10) Hands On Head Bow Down – This is also a simple exercise. In this, first of all you have to stand upright, keeping your feet close. After that both your hands have to be placed behind the head as shown in the picture.

Just now slowly bend down and bow down completely. Stay in this position for some time and then stand back. Repeat this exercise 5 to 7 times daily, it is a very good exercise. Here we have told the exercises to increase the height, they are very easy and effective.

If anyone’s age is less than 15 years, then you can take advantage of them by adopting them regularly. People older than this can also do them, but it is a fact that they do not get that much benefit from them. Yes it can make a difference, so there is no harm in exercising.

Picture of 3-4 Exercises is not given here. So you are requested that if you want to understand them better, then you can see the pictures of those exercises by searching in Google. So that you understand every exercise well.

Because if any exercise is not done properly, or if it is done incorrectly, then it does not get good results. Therefore, understand all the exercises closely and try to start in the right way.

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