how to start gym the right way

In this article you will know how to start gym the right way i.e. Gym. In the changing times, now boys and girls have started paying attention to their body and health. Everyone wishes that they also have a fit body. That’s why people’s trend has increased towards Gym. But people spend a lot of time thinking about how to start a gym.

In this post, we will tell you about start gym the right way and what things you have to take care of before joining the gym and just after joining. Know what are those things that are important both inside and outside the gym. You will also learn how to exercise in this article.

First of all I would like to share one thing with you. There are many people who have been thinking for years that I will start exercising soon, I will go to the gym and build my body. But doing yesterday, they are wasting their days. You do not do this, if you want to stay fit, then quit laziness and start gym.

Leave all your worries about how to exercise in gym and what is Gym Karne Ke Tarike. All these things will come to you automatically when you enter the gym. And before that, in this post of ours, we are telling you all the important things about starting the gym.

Starting Gym Tips – How To Start Gym

Let’s say that you have decided to start the gym. Now, first of all, keep in mind that the distance of the gym should not be too much from your house. The closer the gym is, the better it will be for you. Due to being away from the gym, sometimes your regularity is broken.

You try a lot that I have to be regular, but sometimes you have a problem in reaching. So choose the nearest gym. One advantage of this is also that we get to make friends from people of our own area. Those who come to our work at some point or the other.

Second, you see that there must be an instructor in that gym. You need it a lot in the beginning. Gyms are Karne Ke Tarike, and there should be someone in the beginning to tell us those ways. Do not make the mistake of joining a gym without an instructor.


It is bound to come in the mind of every starter that how to start a gym, so talk to such boys around you who exercise or who have exercised before. They know which gym is right and which is not.

Because the atmosphere is a big thing, and you should join a gym that has a good atmosphere. There are many gyms in which there is no such thing as discipline, avoid any such gym, because there people pay less attention to exercises and more on nonsense.

After all this, you need to pay attention to whether you are physically and mentally ready for exercise or not. We mean that once look at your health. Do you have any disease or pain in any part of the body? Start the gym only after you are completely fit, otherwise your problem may increase.

Now let’s assume that you have chosen a good gym. You are ready to enter the gym. From here we have to take precautions, because we have just started the gym. We do not know what to do, what things to keep in mind? Don’t be disheartened, we will tell you all those things.

Gym Kaise Kare – Gym Karne Ka Tarika

(1) Suppose it is your first day, do not start lifting weights as soon as you go to the gym. Many boys do this, they see other boys doing this, and with enthusiasm they start doing the same thing.

Don’t forget to do this. If there is an instructor in the gym, then talk to them and tell them that it is your first day. They will tell you what to do and how. Because it is very important to know the right way to do all the exercises first.

(2) If there is no Instructor, then stand for the first 10 minutes and see which machines are there. Because initially you have to do light exercise. So machine exercise will be best for you, because you will not have trouble in balancing them.

(3) After seeing the machine, you should make your own exercise plan that today I have to do these exercises. Our advice is that instead of choosing the exercise of any one body part, do Mix Exercise for the first 10 days only. So that all the muscles of your body are fully prepared to lift heavy weights.

(4) Now you have made your exercise plan in your mind, but do not start the workout directly. Warm up a bit first  , it is necessary to warm up and stretch. Due to this the muscles become flexible, which later can easily manage the heavy weights.

Start your exercise only after warm up, this is the right Gym Karne Ka Tarika. Without warming up the body, you do not get the full benefit of the workout and it can also cause damage from above.

(5) We have told you earlier also that seeing someone putting too much weight, never copy it. Due to this you can get injured or muscles can burst. Always keep in mind that the boys who are putting on a lot of weight are actually exercising for a long time.

He has also gradually increased his capacity by increasing the weight. So take care of your body and increase the weight little by little every 3-4 days. One day you too will reach that point, when you too will be applying very heavy weights.

(6) When we start the gym, then our body does not have that much energy and power. Our advice is that if you are new then you can eat a banana in between exercises. This will increase the energy level a bit and you will be able to complete your exercises easily.

(7) Our next point is   Exercise Time , which means how long should we exercise at the beginning of the gym? Our advice is that you should keep your exercise time short for the first 10-15 days. You exercise for 45 minutes only. After that, increase the time little by little.


(8) Always keep your position correct while exercising in the gym. Many boys twist their waist in order to put on more weight. which is wrong. Due to this, the right benefit of exercise is not available. Always keep your form right, these are very important Gym Karne Ke Tarike.

(9) Water is very important for us, especially when we are doing sweaty work. It is very important to drink water in between while exercising. So keep drinking little water. With this you will not even become a victim of dehydration.

(10) Listen to your body, yes sometimes it happens that our body is not supporting us in exercising. This happens due to any pain , stiffness or stretching of muscles. So it is better that you do not exercise on that day.

(11) The next tip in how to start the gym is cleanliness. A little cleanliness also needs attention. Whenever you exercise, you sweat. You need a handkerchief etc. to wipe it. It would be better that you take your own separate towel with you.

(12) Take care of your nutrition. It should not happen that you go home after exercising, but if you do not get any healthy thing to eat there, then you forget. Do not do this, it is always better to keep arranging nutrition.

(13) You have come to the gym to build your body, always stay motivated. It should not happen that after exercising for 20-25 days, negative thoughts start coming in your mind that nothing is happening. It takes time to build a body. So always stay motivated.

(14) Gym Karne Ka Tarika is of no use if you do not adopt Regularity. If you are regular then you will get more benefit from it. If you do not exercise for 5 days after exercising for 5 days, then it is not going to be of any benefit. Always try to be regular.

(15) You must have heard in the native language that  it is necessary to use nappies while exercising. The reason for this is that when we apply heavy weight, our lower veins get pulled. Nappies are used only to reduce their stretch. You must also use it.

(16) When you go towards heavy exercises, learn those exercises before that. Talk to any senior boy about him. If after learning the exercise well, if you do it properly, then only it will give 100% result.

(17) Do not forget to take care of the weather in the process of making a quick body. You should take Rest continuously for few days in a year. That is, when it is very hot and it is very cold.

Doing gym in such weather sometimes proves to be harmful. Because in this type of weather, our body is not able to give such reactions quickly which are necessary to do gym. That is, our body is not ready to face such a situation.

(18) Lastly one most important thing, in the beginning, do not fall into the trap of superfluous Supplements or medicines. This can worsen your health. There are many boys who do not have a good knowledge of Supplements, but still they start taking them without thinking. Never do this.

We have tried here that whatever things should be kept in mind in the beginning, all of them should be covered here. Our aim has been to help you and always will be. Hope you have understood well how to start a gym. Keeping these things in mind, start the exercise.

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